PA State Inspections and Emissions Testing

Get Your Vehicle Inspected at Bender’s Auto Service & Repair Inc.

When you need your vehicle inspected, do not go anywhere else in Altoona, PA or Blair County. Bender’s Auto Service & Repair Inc. offers affordable Pennsylvania state inspections and emissions testing. Our mechanics are vastly experienced in giving Pennsylvania state inspections. We can also check your vehicle’s emissions to ensure that they are within limits. Whether you want your car inspected or your emissions tested, we can give you great service at an affordable price. Call (814) 944-4619 or stop by the shop at 1711 4th Street in Altoona to make an appointment.

Friendly Service and Affordable Inspection Rate

At Bender’s Auto Service & Repair Inc., we know getting your car, truck, SUV, minivan or van inspected is not something you like to do, especially if it is an older vehicle, but with our friendly service and affordable inspection rate, you will be glad you made the appointment.

You might be concerned that the inspector might find something that needs to be replaced. If that happens, though, we will explain what needs to be replaced so you have all of the information. We will then replace the part or order what the vehicle needs and schedule you for another day.

Some Tips for Making Your Inspection Easier

  • When you schedule the appointment, decide whether you can wait at the shop or come back when the inspection is done.
  • Call early in the month that the vehicle needs inspected. The last weeks of the month are the busiest times for inspections,
  • Remember to bring your current registration and current proof of insurance.

We Can Test Emissions for Harmful Pollutants

Emissions testing is a vital way in determining if your vehicle is emitting harmful pollutants. Bender’s Auto Service & Repair Inc. will test your emissions to make sure that is not happening. We will first do a visual inspection of your vehicle’s emissions components. If everything is in place, the gas cap is tested to ensure that it is airtight. We will then use a computerized emissions tester that will run a number of diagnostic tests. If everything is working as they should, the emissions tester will report that the vehicle has passed the emissions test. If something is wrong, the information will be used to determine what repairs are needed.